Investment Philosophy

As long-term investors, we hold the conviction that sustainable development and ethical investment is essential to long-term value creation. Our firm’s investment philosophy is centered on the following key principles:

Partnership approach

We are committed to fostering and maintaining successful partnerships with investors, business partners, management teams, labour groups and other stakeholders. Fostering positive long-term relationships is deeply rooted in the culture of our organization, and forms a central part of our investment philosophy.

We work alongside highly-qualified and reputable partners exhibiting proven track records of success and adhering to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Well-defined investment process

Our management team employs a well-defined investment process that emphasizes discipline in adhering to established investment policies. Team members think and operate as business owners, and each investment decision is ultimately driven by asset fundamentals.

Long-term investment strategy focused on essentials assets

We approach infrastructure as a long-term owner. Primary focus is placed on building sustainable value which is achieved through ensuring the long-term performance of the investments we make.

Active approach to asset management

Our integrated approach is focused not only on the acquisition and development of assets, but also on operations and asset management functions which are critical to long-term investment performance.

Discipline in the investment process and risk management

Our goal is to deliver returns that are consistent with the risk profile of core infrastructure assets, avoiding aggressive financial structuring that may induce volatility and/or unnecessary risk.

Focus is on core infrastructure assets that are designed to deliver services that are essential in nature, where the need or demand for the asset is unquestionable.

Deep commitment to responsible investment and sustainable development

Infrastructure assets are, by definition, constructed and operated in and around the community they serve, and hence have an impact on the population and the environment.

Our ESG Charter presents our vision and commitment towards integrating Environmental, Social and corporate Governance matters (ESG) to our business endeavors as managers of infrastructure investments.