Investment Strategy

Targeting both brownfield and greenfield investment opportunities, Axium Infrastructure seeks to invest in core energy, transportation and social infrastructure assets in Canada and the US. Focus is placed on assets that are supported by robust market demand, under long-term contract with creditworthy counterparties, within concession-based structures or under a regulated framework.

Focus is placed on infrastructure assets which demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Deliver services that are essential in nature
  • Generate revenues that are underpinned by long-term contracts within concession-based or regulated frameworks
  • Exhibit cash flow profiles that are relatively stable and predictable in nature
  • Operate under long-term concessions, typically in excess of 20 years



  • power generation with a focus on renewable power
  • power transmission and distribution
  • public utilities and district heating and cooling systems
  • battery storage
  • etc.


  • roads
  • bridges
  • ports
  • airports
  • mass transit systems
  • etc.


  • hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • schools
  • institutional buildings
  • water treatment
  • etc.