Value proposition

As an independent portfolio management firm, Axium Infrastructure offers a unique value proposition which is supported by the following distinguishing features:

Team of Experienced Professionals

The management team members benefit from decades of combined experience transacting in the Canadian and US marketplace, as well as abroad.

The core of the Axium team came together in 2009. Many members of the Axium team benefit from a shared work history with prior employers.

Specialized Technical Expertise

Team comprises highly-qualified professionals with expertise not only from a financial standpoint (debt, equity, financial advisory), but also deep technical expertise (construction, engineering, asset management).

Multi-disciplined approach and diverse background of the team facilitates grass roots knowledge of the asset class and a fundamental understanding of key performance drivers.

Operational Expertise and Active Asset Management Approach

Management team members have a proven track record of successfully operating assets and managing infrastructure companies.

In-house skills and expertise support an active approach to asset management aimed at optimizing value creation.

Independence and Alignment of Interests

Fully independent firm with an ownership structure that strongly aligns the interests of its management team with those of the investors in its managed funds.

Management team members have direct ownership in Axium Infrastructure. Team members have also invested capital into the firm’s managed funds.

Origination Capabilities

Senior managers have developed longstanding relationships with a wide range of market participants including industrial partners, developers, operators, financial institutions, government entities and regulatory authorities. These relationships and partner networks provide access to high-quality deal flow.